In Rope Cow, you guide a common cow across a series of scenarios using a rope to swing through obstacles.

You can attach your rope to most solid objects and swing left and right to gain momentum. Try to detach and attach to ceilings and walls while in mid-air, in order to flow forward as fast as you can.

Avoid falling and splashing on the ground or objects. You'll also need to interact with other cows, activate some doors, buttons and levers in order to advance.

Walking is slow. Always prefer rope swinging.


  • LEFT and RIGHT to swing on the rope.
  • UP and DOWN extend and contract the rope.
  • SHOOT to shoot and detach the rope grappling hook (SPACE or D by default).
  • ACTION to enable and disable items like doors, buttons and levers (A by default).

  • Cutscenes can be skipped by holding the ACTION key for 2 seconds.
  • You can remap controls to your liking. In lack of other preference, we recommend to remap the SHOOT key to D or Z (because the spacebar is usually mechanically slower and wears faster).
  • Once you are comfortable with the game, you can enable your Ghost Cow and improve over your best run (in the Settings menu).
  • Ensure the correct language is selected in settings (in some cases the default language may be incorrect for you).
  • Share your best scores! (hashtag: #ropecow).


Graphic card: GLES2 support with 512 MB VRAM
CPU: 64bit
System Memory: 4 GB RAM
Operating System: Linux, Windows or Mac OSX

Input Methods: Keyboard (recommended) or Gamepad

FAQ and Known Issues

Sound sometimes stops on Linux

If you are experiencing sound issues on Linux please try running the game from command line using one of the following options and check if they solve the issue:

./ropeittothecow.x86_64 --audio-driver=PulseAudio


./ropeittothecow.x86_64 --audio-driver=ALSA