Rope Cow

Rope swing like never before

Rope it to The Cow

Rope Cow. A cow with a dream. And with a rope. A cow who took freedom for granted. But he's just a cow, living in a deception set by the farm and corporation that exploits them, milk and body.

Gordi Freecow represents every naive, innocent, powerless and overwhelmed person in the face of the dual parade of powers-that-be and emergent stupidity.

This cow could be anyone. This cow could be your mailman, your aunt, or even your neighbor's garden gnome. This cow could be you! Rope Cow, we are waiting.

Cow with Rope

Rope swinging at this level of expertise requires practice. Not for coward cows.

Along the way, you'll help unfold a story that unveils the overwhelming illusion our cow has been living in. But this realization brings a more profound dilemma: are we cow, or are we swinger?

Rope Cow is a handcrafted action-platformer dedicated to all rope swinging and grappling-hook fans out there. And to every cow lover that has existed. And to all beefs as well, heck, why not!?

Stay safe. Be a happy cow.


  • Unique custom made rope physics
  • Single player story mode
  • "Goals" game mode with 2 stages
  • Handcrafted home-made original hand drawn art and soundtrack
  • Glory and frustration learning to use the d#*@ rope
  • Tons of humour and cows!

  • Platforms: Windows and Linux
  • Controls: Keyboard (recommended) or Gamepad
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Galician, Russian, German, French (auto)

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